Vagina ice pops – try this post-birth remedy

If your baby is soon to arrive, you might want to have a couple of vagina ice pops in the freezer to help with post-birth swelling down there.

Vagina ice pops

An Australian dad’s blog post on things you didn’t know you need to buy for your partner after birth went viral after he listed frozen water-filled condoms as a must-have item.

He says frozen condoms are the perfect shape to rest between a new mom’s legs, to ease pain and swelling post-birth.

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So how do the vagina ice pops work?

Relax, you don’t have to insert the vagina ice pop anywhere – that’s the last thing you want to do after having just squeezed a tiny little human being out of there. Simply fill a few condoms with water, pop them in the freezer, and place them in your undies between your legs to help relieve pain and swelling.

A word of advice

 Check with your doctor first before trying this nifty trick, as there is a risk to placing something cold against your sensitive vulva.


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