Romy Titus shares her 5 top tips for getting back into shape after having a baby

TV and Radio presenter Romy Titus shares her top tips for shedding your post-pregnancy weight.

Romy Titus gave birth to her daughter, Hera Sarai Titus in March 2017. “Being in the public eye, more so on TV, I immediately felt the pressure of needing to look good and shed my post pregnancy weight,” she says.

Here she shares her biggest challenges about losing the post-baby weight and gives advice on how to get your pre-pregnancy body back:

Give yourself time 

Even with being in the public eye, I needed to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t shed my post-pregnancy weight overnight. Set yourself weekly weight goals and motivate yourself to achieve them. Talk to people about your body changes and you’ll realise that you’re not alone – everyone has body concerns, which leads to a positive support team.

Find an exercise programme that works for you

I am not a huge fan of weight training so I needed to find a workout programme that suited not only me, but my schedule. Whether it allows you to go once or even twice to the gym, it will reignite that inner fitness guru in you.

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Exercise can be fun

I found as a new mom, I wanted to get out more. I enjoy running or walking around the block with my little one. Every bit of exercise counts and you can both have fun while doing it.

Wear clothes that are comfortable but motivate you

Every new mom’s dream is to fit into those skinny jeans you once wore proudly! I too felt the pressure of wanting to fit into my clothes, but knew this wasn’t going to happen for a while – and that’s OK! I would encourage new moms to wear comfortable clothes, but they should also be a little bit tighter than what you’re used to in the hope that it motivates you to fit them properly once more.

Eating goes hand in hand with exercise

No pregnancy cravings means no more indulging! Your body needs to be healthy and fit, especially if you are breastfeeding, as you want to ensure your baby gets the best possible nutrition. Moderation is key, but don’t feel ashamed to treat yourself every now and again. You deserve a little treat for being a mom.

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