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Have you heard of a natural C-section? Watch this live video!

The natural C-section is on the rise. Watch this video of a baby delivering himself with a little help from his mom’s doctor.


We’re not quite sure what we expected to see when we pressed play on Sarah Saunders’ YouTube video of her natural C-section.

As the clip shows, this type of procedure involves an incision in the abdomen like a regular C-section. The doctor initiates the baby’s birth by pulling his head out, but the baby is left to push himself out of his mom’s belly.

Watch the video below:

“I wanted to share this video to show that if you are unable to give birth ‘naturally’ that having a natural C-section is the next best thing,” Sarah wrote in the caption to the video.

Women’s health expert Dr Jennifer Wider says that there’s an increasing demand for these C-sections. “This type of birth can help assuage those feelings [of missing out on a natural childbirth] by creating a peaceful, calmer environment, letting the mom witness the birth and allowing her to hold the baby right away,” she told Self magazine.

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 Why women are opting for a natural C-section:

  • Many women who have C-sections feel as if they missed out on having a natural birth. This procedure can help ease those feelings and create a less stressful birth environment.
  • There can be immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth.
  • Many women feel improved bonding with their child.
  • Breastfeeding can be established easily.
  • Newborns delivered this way can be calmer babies.
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