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Healing naturally after birth

Registered Naturopath Dr Sumaiya Latif suggests these natural solutions to heal perineal tears and sooth backache after birth.


If you’re feeling fragile after birth, and are struggling with perineal tears or backache, try these natural remedies:

Perineal tears
• Apply Calendula, Symphytum officinalis (comfrey), Hydrastis canadensis (golden seal), and Achillea millefolium (Yarrow) to the tear as an ointment.
• Sea salt used in sitz baths is antimicrobial and promotes healing. You can take a sitz bath by simply filling your bath with very warm water that is almost uncomfortable, but does not burn and just covers your buttocks and hips. You can stay in the sitz bath for 20 minutes at a time and repeat the procedure several times a week.

• Astralagus gummifera (edible gum or tragacanth) can be added to sweet dishes to ease backache.
• Zizyphus vulgaris (Indian jujube or Chinese date) in powder form can be used to fill capsules, which can then be taken orally.
• Zingiber officinalis (ginger root) can be eaten (add it to your food or make a ginger tea). It can also promote lactation.

Where to find these remedies?
Visit your local pharmacy or health store and speak to a qualified professional about these remedies.

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