Get your pre-pregnancy body back in just 20 minutes once a week

Don’t have time to get to the gym every day? BODYTEC might be just the solution for you. By Xanet van Vuuren


Now that you’re a mom, it’s difficult to find time to go to the gym – especially if you don’t have any help at home. You have the best intentions of exercising during the day – while baby naps, or when your tot is at playgroup. But before you know it, you’ve lost track of time while dealing with all the chores on your to-do list. Yet again, another day has gone by, and you’re no closer to getting your pre-pregnancy body back.

Don’t despair – we might have a solution for you. What if we told you that you could get your weekly exercise in just 20 minutes? We know what you’re thinking –another money making scam right?

Not at all. Ever heard of BODYTEC EMS training?

EMS training from BODYTEC is a full body workout that doesn’t only target one specific muscle group. During EMS training, up to 90% of muscles are activated simultaneously and the muscle contractions are of a higher quality and more intense than a voluntary exertion can do alone. Compared to conventional weight training, EMS training activates deeper muscle groups which leads to better balance amongst the muscles in the body as well as an increase in core stability.

Does it work?

It definitely does work. I went to a BODYTEC studio to put this machine to the test – and wow – let’s just say the feeling has only now returned to my legs and butt. I am a regular gym goer (six days a week for an hour) so I consider myself to be pretty fit. About 15 minutes into the session I was begging the clock to please count faster before my legs give in and my arms fall off. I was exhausted! Every muscle in my body was burning. It felt like I had been in the gym for a good two hours by that time.

I had my reservations about the EMS training. How can a machine possibly give you the same benefits that a good hour at the gym does? We’ve all seen those ad’s where the guy sits in front of the TV eating popcorn while some belt vibrates over his bulging tummy with the ad promising you’ll have a six pack in no time at all.

BODYTEC EMS training is definitely not like this. You will sweat. You will get tired and you might possibly want to cry and crawl into a corner when you are done.

How soon will you see results?

Depending on your lifestyle and diet you may see a change after your third session. As with any other exercise regime it’s important to follow a healthy, balanced diet to get results.

How often do you need to train?

You only need one 20 minute session per week. Research shows that recovery and adaptation periods after whole-body BODYTEC EMS training sessions are significantly longer than for weight and resistance training. Your muscles need time to recover so once a week is more than enough.

How soon after giving birth or a C-section can I start training?

Eight weeks. But get the go-ahead from your doctor first and let him know that you are planning to do EMS training before booking your sessions.

How much does it cost?

12 month membership:

R975 per month.

Pre-paid – 10 sessions:

R450 per session = R4 500

Single session:


Trial session:


There will be a joining fee as well as an extra fee for the gear you have to wear. Your BODYTEC trainer will discuss those options with you when you sign up.


Visit for more information on BODYTEC EMS training.

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