7 Things that should be on every pregnant mom’s bucket list

This list isn’t a practical one of what you should get done before your little one arrives, but rather a list of purely selfish things you should do for yourself.


You are about to start a whole new chapter in your life – and a very demanding one at that. Take some time out before then and indulge yourself with some of your favourite activities. We’ve rounded-up a list of seven things all expecting mommies should do before their babies arrive.

1. Have a girl’s night

You don’t have to go clubbing or sit in a smoky pub to have fun with the girls. Stay in with your besties, and make mocktails and settle in with a good chick flick.

2. Get a pedicure and a manicure

If you’re in your last trimester it will be pretty hard for you to paint your own toenails. Spoil yourself with a pedi and mani at your favourite salon or ask a friend to paint them for you if you don’t have the extra cash for such luxuries.

3. Have a massage

You may find yourself suffering from aches and pains as you enter your last trimester. Treat yourself to a prenatal massage at your favourite spa. You’ll feel like a brand new person afterwards.

4. Go on a Babymoon

Once baby’s here, it will be a while before you and your partner will have alone time together. Book a weekend away and just spend some quality time together,  even if it’s at home.
If you already have kids – ask friends or family to look after them while you take a break.

5. Document your baby bump

Pregnancy is a very special time in any woman’s life. Make sure you have some photographs of your baby bump as keepsakes before it disappears.
You can also keep a pregnancy journal to remind yourself of what it was like to be pregnant.

6. Visit your favourite restaurant

Give yourself a much needed treat and head to your favourite restaurant. Once the baby is here, it won’t be as simple as just making a reservation and getting in the car to go out for dinner. There is a lot of planning involved when you want to go out.

7. Enjoy some me time

Run yourself a nice, warm bubble bath and settle in with a book or magazine of your choice. You won’t have as much time to read as you think when you’re on maternity leave – and most of the books you’ll be reading will probably be baby books. You might also be too exhausted once baby arrives and prefer taking a nap over reading.

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