10 top baby-shower planning tips

A baby shower is very special for moms-to-be, and you want the day to be perfect. Keep these tips in mind when planning an event for your friend, sister or colleague.


Throwing a baby shower can be a daunting task. You want everything to be perfect for the mommy-to-be. We asked moms who’ve been there and done that to give us their top tips for throwing the ultimate baby shower.

The mommy-to-be should never host her own baby shower.

“Friends of the mom should be hosting the shower! Not too many games. There should be time for the mom to relax, chat and open presents.” – Kimberley O’Sullivan ‏@kimberoo

Surprises aren’t always welcome.

“Don’t surprise the mom-to-be with a baby shower. Keep her in the loop and ask her what she likes and what she would want on the day.” – Maggie Tebogo Paile

The “no games” baby shower.

“The degrading party games have run its course. Let it go. Rather spoil the new mommy-to-be with a spot under the aircon and do her nails.” – Celeste Kong

Make sure you have a theme for the baby shower.

“Colour themes work really well for baby showers. Opt for a theme that will allow you to make or buy most of the small accessories that will help make the theme special. Make small decorations, bake a cake and use your own camera, or buy throw-away cameras for each guest, instead of paying a professional photographer. Rather splurge on gifts for the new mom and baby than going all out and hiring expensive caterers for the food and cake.” – Sherona Sadew

Top tips from the Living & Loving team:

  • Set a date for six to eight weeks before the birth.
  • Ask the mom to draw up a contact list of her friends.
  • Try to determine what the mom-to-be needs. If she’s a first-time mom, she will probably need a lot of the essentials. Ask her for a list of things she would like guests to bring.
  • Take into consideration the mom-to-be’s cravings and food allergies and the people she would like to be at the shower.
  • If you’ve put together a list of gifts, the mom-to-be needs to allocate something from the list to each guest avoid duplication. There are a few items a new mom will use hundreds of, such as baby wipes. She simply can’t have enough, so add a pack of wipes to any gift you buy.
  • Plan special and meaningful activities as part of the celebration. Get each guest to write a short note of inspiration to the new parents and place them randomly among a pile of nappies.
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