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7 childbirth details you shouldn’t share

Spare your friends and family from certain details about childbirth – some things that happen in the delivery room should stay there. Compiled by Sharon Mahlase


You’ve had your baby and your family and friends can’t wait to meet your newborn. While giving birth is an amazing thing, you don’t have to share every detail about your labour. Don’t make your visitors squeamish by sharing these childbirth details:

  1. How your waters broke

It is part of the birth process, but sharing how much of a mess it caused on the bed, floor or wherever it happened is one of those details people aren’t really interested in hearing.

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  1. Vomiting

Some women experience extreme nausea when in labour. If you are one of those people, refrain from explaining how and where you got sick.

  1. What comes out first

Your baby needs to be pushed out of the body and when this happens, other things are pushed out too. Are you sure your family and want to hear about your body excrements?

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  1. Blood

There’s a lot of blood involved in labour and you may still be bleeding after the birth. This can be quite gory for some, so perhaps don’t reveal too much if you don’t want visitors fainting on to the floor.

  1. The placenta

Although it’s an important part of pregnancy, the placenta doesn’t look very appealing when delivered, so avoid bringing it up in everyday conversation.

  1. What your newborn looks like in those first moments

Your baby has been floating in fluid for nine months, and you might have fallen in love with him at first sight, but it can be quite a shock for others to compare your cute little bundle to a slimy, scrunched-up creature.

  1. Stitches

Often tearing occurs in the perineal area. If this happens you’ll be examined and then stitched. While it can be painful for you, it is also quite intimate and might cause an awkward silence when telling people about it.

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