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12 Questions to ask on a maternity hospital tour

Here’s a list of important questions to ask when you take a maternity hospital tour.


Choosing the most suitable facility to welcome your new baby into the world can be an intimidating task.
If you and your partner are planning to go on a maternity hospital tour, print these questions and ask them during the tour.

1. What birth aids do you have available?
Just having a bed in a room when you’re in labour gives you little to work with. Ask the hospital if they offer birthing balls or other items to help you during labour.

2. Can my partner stay overnight and what accommodations is there for him?
Some private maternity hospitals do allow dads to stay the night. So if you would like your partner to stay with you make sure to check if this will be possible.

3. Will my baby stay with me in my room at all times?
Find out if your little one will be sleeping in your room with you during your entire stay or whether he or she will be separated from you at any point.

4. What is your C-section rate?
By finding out the C-section rate, you’ll get a better idea of what sort of births go on there, and what the staff are used to supporting.

5. What is your policy on breastfeeding in recovery?
Mother-baby separation often occurs after a C-section. If you are planning on breastfeeding ask the hospital what their policy is on breastfeeding straight after the operation. You can also mention in your birth plan that you would like to breastfeed in recovery if possible.

6. What is your induction rate?
If the induction rate is high, then it’s likely that women are being offered inductions far too early or too frequently, or they’re not being adequately informed of the risks.
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7. Can my partner take photos or video of the birth?

8. What are your visiting hours?

9. Will I be able to leave the room while in labour?
It’s very important to be active during labour, so find out if you’ll be able to move around the ward.

10. Will I be allowed to eat and drink during labour? Should I bring my own snacks?

11. How many of my family members are allowed in the delivery room?

12. Can I choose to give birth in the position most comfortable for me?

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