Use numerology to match your child’s temperament with her birth date

Use this fun tool to match your baby’s temperament with her date of birth. By Beth Cooper Howell


You probably know your little one’s Sun sign – based on the day that she was born – but numerology is another fun way to match your child’s temperament with her date of birth.
The general idea behind numerology is that numbers have a subtle influence on our lives. For example, your full name at birth – as well as your birth date – can reveal personality traits, inner drives, career strengths and life obstacles.
The “birth force”, or life number, is one of the easiest “number influences” to calculate. The sum total of the birth date numbers reveals what you were given when you came into the world – your basic character traits and inherent talents.

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Follow these instructions to calculate your child’s life number (and yours, too):

  • Write down the month, day and year of your baby’s birth. For example, 14/5/2004.
  • Add these numbers together until they are reduced to a single digit.

14 + 5 + 2004   – break up the numbers – 1 + 4 = 5    5   2+0+0+4=6

  • If any number is in double figures, reduce it to a single digit first. For example, 5 + 5 + 6 = 16 and
    16 reduced to a single digit is 7.

1. Ms Independent

Individuality and a thirst for independence typify these feisty types. Your baby probably reached milestones early – or at least tried to – because she was desperate to be on her feet and off into the world. Encourage your child’s self-expression, as she needs to discover who she is. Born with a naturally rebellious streak, Ones won’t bow easily to peer pressure and intensely dislike being told what to do. Give your child respect and room to grow – she’ll reward you with a happy, confident personality and go-getting attitude. When she grows up, don’t be surprised if she builds a nest far from home – these little adventurers were born to fly.

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2. The Peacemaker

This is a gentle soul who instinctively loves to share hugs and toys. Considerate and caring, she is naturally sensitive to the needs of others and usually grows up to be a great listener or counsellor. Conflict and stress send her running for cover, as harmony is her ticket to emotional and physical health. Watch that she doesn’t get bullied by playmates or older siblings – even a bold Two has a soft heart that’s easily broken. Encourage her to express her needs and speak up when she wants something. Teaching house rules and manners should be a breeze, as long as you negotiate rather than demand.

3. The Creator

An artistic type with the soul of an artist and a brilliant imagination, your Three child craves creative pursuits. Music, drama, art and dance are in her blood, so encourage her to explore these skills. This little Picasso just wants to have fun, so surround her with interesting people who love her “invisible friends”, and play along with her fantasy games. A natural entertainer, she will probably have you in stitches with her antics, and even shy Threes have a great sense of humour. These types also boast a positive attitude, so they bounce back from upsets quite quickly.

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4. The Builder

A naturally responsible and hardworking little tyke, your Four child has the potential to plan and accomplish great things. Occasional lazy streaks surface when she gets bored, so try to encourage her organisational skills by making learning fun. A colourful work station, solid routine and good-quality “tools” will keep her happy, as she really enjoys being “professional”. These types don’t like sudden change, so introduce new foods, people and places slowly and always make sure that her day is reasonably structured.

5. The Communicator

This little ball of energy will probably talk early – and find it rather difficult to stop! Verbal and vivacious, she makes friends easily and loves to chat, so hide your cellphone when she’s around. Likeable and loving, she’s blessed with a quick wit and will enjoy puzzles and advanced toys, so stave off boredom by encouraging her to tackle more complex projects. Fives don’t like feeling confined – plenty of fresh air and activity are essential to work off an oversupply of nervous energy. Even shy Fives secretly love to socialise, so playgroups are a great idea.

6. The Humanitarian

A trustworthy tot, this type loves all things family. Domestic bliss does her good, so get out your baking trays and make cupcakes together. Pleasant and protective siblings, Sixes enjoy being “of service”, so teach them social skills and let them help around the house. They tend to allow others to take advantage of them, so let them know that they are important enough to have their own toys and be their own person. Even self-oriented Sixes want to help others, so find ways to let their “service” side blossom.

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7.  The Thinker

People will sometimes refer to your child as “deep” or “thoughtful”, and you’ll often find yourself wondering what she’s thinking. Intelligent, a little secretive, and observant, Sevens prefer to watch and wait, rather than leap and lead. Don’t be fooled by her calm exterior – she’s highly sensitive and easily hurt by nasty comments or heavy-handed demands. Perfectionists by nature, they fear failure and want things “just so”. Teach your child that life’s little knocks aren’t tragedies and not to sweat the small stuff. Numerologists refer to Sevens as sages, so expect high-brow, intense career choices.

8. The Leader

Think Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs and you’ve got a fair idea of where your enthusiastic Eight is headed! Many presidents, school principals and entrepreneurs have this number. Powerful personalities, an Eight may overpower other kids with her drive and energy, which is fine as long as she’s not nasty or being a bully. They refuse to accept limitations and even quieter Eights will work hard behind the scenes to achieve academic, sporting or cultural success. These types have fantastic leadership abilities, whether loud or laid-back.

9. The Idealist

This child is a free spirit who may well grow up to demand world peace. A natural humanitarian, she instinctively loves animals and nature and wishes that everything could be fair. Injustice really upsets her – be careful of wrongly accusing her of hiding the remote control. Nines are genuinely interested in making things better, so fostering a spirit of helpfulness, kindness and compassion will lay a solid foundation for adulthood. Many Nines can become quite depressed when things go wrong, so gently showing her how to find the silver lining in bad situations is a must.

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