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The ultimate baby-buy guide

We asked moms which baby accessories they can’t live without, and which turned out to be a waste of money. By Lisa Witepski


From nasal aspirators to bathwater thermometers, there are so many baby products and accessories crammed on the shelves – no wonder shopping for your little one is confusing! To make things easier, we asked moms which products they are glad they invested in, and which weren’t worth it.

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Pyjama onesies are the best

They cover your little one from head to toe so he doesn’t wake up at night – either because he’s cold or because his toe has become stuck in a blanket. – Xoli

A NoseFrida may be off-putting, but it’s a lifesaver

 Both my babies were congested, and nothing helped them as much as the NoseFrida. – Lisa

 Baby nail clippers are a complete waste

 When I finally got up the courage to use them, I nipped my baby’s toe. It’s much easier to bite his nails or file them. – Claire

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The Tummy-Tub helped to stop my baby’s colic

 We used it right up until he was nine months old! It basically helps you bath your baby in the foetal position, which is how it stops colic. It also cuts down on the amount of water you use. We actually used ours to bath our baby in his room, and he even splashed around in it while we were swimming. – Natash

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Bottle warmers are ineffective

Unless you keep them plugged in the whole day (which is a huge waste of electricity), they take forever to heat up. It’s easier to put the bottle in a mug of hot or cold water. – Zanele

I never used my nappy bin

I know that they’re designed to be hygienic, but I didn’t like the thought of all those dirty nappies percolating together. I preferred to throw them into the outside bin. – Samantha

Our baby swing was the best buy

 It was expensive, but we use it all the time – if you don’t have help at home, it’s a great place to put your baby while you’re busy. – Clare

Non-slip bath mats are a game changer

We have two in the bath. – Annelize

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I found that the burpers I bought were all the wrong size

They don’t cover enough of the area affected, especially if you have a colicky baby. I now use dishcloths or old-fashioned cloth nappies instead. – Kerry

You can’t live without a baby thermometer

 A digital one is ideal. – Kirsty

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