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Our top 5 toys for babies 1 to 2 years for 2018

Not sure what to get your little one for Christmas? Creative parenting expert Nikki Bush recommends these five toys for babies 1 to 2 years-old.


Curiosity about the world drives learning from the moment a child is born, says creative parenting expert Nikki Bush. “For children to create meaning in a three-dimensional, tactile way they need a wide variety of real games and toys to manipulate and interact with, using all of their senses. There are too many children starting grade one who are able to do a 100-piece puzzle on an iPad, but can’t complete a 24-piece puzzle in real life. Don’t let that happen to your child! May these toys and play experiences drive your child’s curiosity and desire to discover and learn,” says Nikki.

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Curiosity Table Activity Station (Baby Einstein) | R1199.99

Available at ToyZone and takealot.com

This two-sided art and science table is the ultimate curiosity stimulator. Position and spin the gears to make the light bulb glow, experiment with colour mixing, magnetic drawing and constructing circuits. The dry-erase whiteboard also comes with clips to attach paper to the easel and can be removed or repositioned on the end of a table so more than one child can play at the same time. It plays more than 65 melodies and introduces colour and shape vocabulary in three languages.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table Activity Station

Having a Ball Whale Popper (Bright Starts) | R299.99

Available at Baby City, ToyZone and takealot.com

Your sitting baby posts the balls into the spout of the whale and presses down on the spout causing the balls to pop out of the whale’s mouth with fun lights and sounds. She will be developing fine motor control in posting the balls and strengthening of the arm and shoulder girdle as she presses down on the spout for cause and effect.

Having A Ball Whale Popper

Roadtripper Ride-On Car (Baby Einstein) | R699.99

Available at ToyZone and takealot.com

This colourful two-in-one push and ride-on toy encourages walking and scooting. The real car noises, shifting gears and steering wheel will delight your little one. The lock button ensures a safe switch between push and scoot modes and your child can also store small toys under the seat.

Baby Einstein Roadtripper Ride-On Car

4-in-1 Twist and Grow Shape Sorter (Bright Starts) R99,99

Available at Baby City and Pick n Pay

This clever shape-sorting toy features a “twist around” design, creating four ways to play. Your baby will love putting the shapes into the bucket and pouring them out. The lid setting with the larger openings is fun for little ones to do simple posting exercises without having to get the shapes to match, but with a twist of the lid you can create a proper shape sorter for a toddler. Place the lid on the floor to create an instant puzzle!

Bright Starts - 4-in-1 Twist & Grow Shape Sorter

Tactile Animals Montessori Puzzle (Headu) | R 429

Available at independent toy stores and takealot.com

These two-piece animal puzzles are great for matching and learning manual dexterity. Find the matching tactile card to insert into each of the six puzzles, like the scales for the fish and the fur for the lion. This game also comes with a fabric “feelie bag” to place the tactile pieces into so your little one can feel for the match using her sense of touch.

Headu Tactile Animals Montessori Puzzle

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