Top 4 toys for babies 6-9 months for 2019

Occupational therapist and infant specialist Meg Faure recommends the following toys for babies between 6 and 9 months old.


In the second half of the first year, your baby is working hard on cognitive skills and learning from the world. The term ‘little scientist’ perfectly describes sitting babies as this is when your little one begins to really learn through play. Being upright in the sitting position frees up her hands to explore toys properly. It’s such a fun age to choose toys for!

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Your baby’s milestones

One of the cognitive skills that emerges around 8 months is object permanence. This is the awareness that something still exists even when you can’t see it. It’s a critical skill because it uses memory and is the start of cause and effect awareness, i.e.  when I look for something it can reappear. Simple games that encourage object permanence are hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo. To help your baby grasp object permanence, make or buy toys that disappear and reappear, such as a pop-up toy. Draw a face on a wooden spoon that you slip inside an empty toilet roll. Push the spoon up to make the face appear at the top of the roll, then pull it back so it disappears.

Meg’s toy recommendation:

The Mooncastle toy is an example of an interactive pop-up toy your little one will love. See how the animals pop up and reappear when she pushes the button. R1 061. Available from PC Link Shop.

MoonCastle Interactive Pop-Up Animals Toy

 Another cognitive skill that follows on to this stage is the awareness of cause and effect. This is when your baby learns that when she does x, she can expect y to be the result. This will keep your baby occupied for hours and hours. Research has shown babies will experiment for all the ways they can vary an input to see if they get the same effect – true scientists at work! A simple cause and effect game loved by babies at this stage is the dropping of an object from the high chair. As frustrating as it is to keep picking it up for your baby, it reinforces for her that when she does something she can get a reaction.

Cause and effect toys are generally more technologically advanced and involve switches and electronics. These toys move, make a noise or interact in response to an interaction from your baby.

Meg’s toy recommendation:

BKIDS Jumbo Shape Sorter, R149.90. Available from Babies R Us.

Shape Sorter

Outings are a favourite pastime for our little explorers. Make time each day to take a walk in the pram. The outing itself will provide opportunities to see novel places, meet new faces and to engage with the world. It is also a great idea to attach a pram toy to the pram. These toys offer opportunities for fine motor activities – pushing buttons is a favourite activity for this age group.

Meg’s toy recommendation:

Infantino Toy Spiral, R279. Available from

Infintino Toy Spriral

Most 6-month-old babies are sitting at this age, but it will take time before she is very stable. At this age, the gross motor skills your baby is working on include balance in sitting and crawling, which will emerge towards the end of this age. Having your baby on the floor is the best way to offer opportunities to move. Put toys just out of reach and encourage your baby to get to them. Balls are a fabulous way to do this. Balls move away from your baby with very little force offering encouragement to get moving. Choose balls of all sizes and colours.

Meg’s toy recommendation:

B.TOYS – Ball A Baloos Textured Ball Set, R325. Available from Kids Emporium.

Textured ball set More about the expert:

Megan Faure (BSc OT, OTR) is a lecturer for the Institute for Sensory Integration (SAISI) and regularly talks to both professionals and parents on baby and childcare issues. Megan is the founder and chairperson of Infant Sensory Integration Training programme. She is also co-author of the bestselling baby care series: Baby Sense; Sleep Sense; Feeding Sense; Your Sensory Baby. Visit her website here.

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