The hottest baby shower themes right now!

One of our previous cover moms, Olwethu Leshabane, host of the reality TV series Oh Baby, shares the hottest baby shower themes for this year. By Xanet Scheepers

Oh Baby is a reality TV series hosted by influencer, businesswoman and mom of three, Olwethu Leshabane. In the show, Olwethu attends a baby shower with a celebrity mom judge each week. The pair rate the event according to execution, enthusiasm, games, resilience and mom-to-be happiness.

In an interview with local news site IOL, Olwethu said that not all the baby showers featured are high-end. “Some are fancy, some are small. It’s vast and different. At the end of the day, it’s all about what moms want. The showers cut across cultures. They’re mostly dependent on the budgets and economic circumstances of the moms and/or their planning committees. We have your typical South African baby showers that include food, games and gifts, with a spin on the cultural element of food and games.”

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We caught up with Olwethu to get her insight into the top baby shower themes and trends in SA at the moment:

The hottest trends and themes right now are:

  • Co-ed baby showers
  • Pastel colours
  • Gender neutral designs
  • Old-school vibes
  • Office baby showers are stepping it up a notch and going all out
  • Diaper showers where everyone has to bring a pack of nappies
  • Balloons on balloons on balloons… Balloon walls to balloons all over the floor and ceiling.

Olwethu’s advice for moms-to-be planning a baby shower

“Have a planning committee that knows you very well. Be very specific with your planning committee as to what you want. There’s nothing worse than celebrating a big day such as your baby shower and the whole event does not reflect who you are and the kind of energy you want. You are not reaching when you demand and express what you want. It is your da!”

Who will be crowned the winner of Oh Baby?

Although the show debuted on 25 October 2019, you can still follow the series on 1Magic at 8.30pm every Friday night to see whose baby shower will be crowned the event of the year.

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