Premature baby weighing only 500g born in Wuhan amid coronavirus outbreak goes home!


Qing Qing was born at only 24 weeks, weighing a mere 500g in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei Province – she was the same length as a pen.

The little girl’s vitals were very unstable when she was born and her skin was livid because she couldn’t breathe.

Paramedics gave her emergency treatment, and she survived – but still struggled with serious complications.

After 4 months of treatment and care Qing Qing has gained 2.68kg and her vital signs are now stable.  She was discharged from the hospital on 17 June and finally went home to her parents.

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Zeng Lingkong, a doctor at Wuhan Children’s Hospital says Qing Qing’s breath, heart rate and oxygen saturation was unstable for a long time. He says her treatment was very difficult because any physical change could cause her condition to deteriorate. She was only 1 month old when she got hydrocephalus – an abnormal build-up of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF in the the brain. She miraculously survived again with treatment.

Dr Lingkong says she has been an inspiration to doctors and nurses in the hospital, giving them the will to continue fighting the coronavirus each day.

Watch her progress in the video below:

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