How to plan for a trip with twins

Planning a night or a weekend away with your two, three or more babies? Here’s how to get organised. By Martine Hendricks

In the previous article, we focused on what to pack when going out with your little ones. This week, we look at planning a night or weekend away – whether it’s the night before or two days before. Anxiety is common with parents and we often pass this on to our babies by the way we behave and react. This means that planning in advance will keep things calmer.

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When do I start planning?

Depending on how you think or feel about being organised, with multiples, you will see that scheduling is your best friend. Make a list beforehand about what you would need for your trip (depending on the time away or distance) and use this list as you pack the bags and car. Don’t get too wrapped up in the stuff that can be purchased anywhere – put your focus on the things that aren’t easily accessible.

The rules of packing

  • Keep things like food and clothes separate
  • Pack plenty of extra towels that you can use to block out too much sunlight, wiping up feeding spillages or mess, cover your baby if his blanket get dirty or isn’t close, or as a changing mat.
  • Make sure you have plenty compartments and containers, so every item has a place and you don’t spend time scratching around in your bags every time you need something.
  • Keep plenty of rubbish bags at hand so you can throw mess and dirty nappies in public bins as you go.

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On arrival

You don’t need to unpack everything when you reach your destination. Just take out what your babies require. Have one backpack with the current items you need and leave the extras in the car. There are bound to be some issue that arise and realising you don’t have something or can’t find it can become stressful when one, or all, of your babies are crying. These situations are inevitable, but your reaction will determine how things pan out.

Don’t’ forget to have fun

At the end of the day, as much as travelling with a bunch of kids can be taxing, it can also be a whole lot of fun. Don’t get so wrapped up in all the planning and organising that you forget that it’s the spontaneous moments that create the best memories. Allow your little sweethearts to soak up their surroundings and take note of their reactions to the atmosphere, the textures, the sounds and more. Take random pictures and do your best to be free, because as soon as you relax your kids will relax too

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