Parents get free Wi-Fi for 18 years for naming baby after internet provider

These parents found a unique way to cut down on their expenses.


Times are tough and everyone’s looking for ways to save money and cut down on expenses.

After seeing an ad from Twifi, a Swiss Internet provider: ‘Name your child after the company and receive free Wi-Fi for 18 years’, the parents decided this was an opportunity they couldn’t pass on.

In an interview with a Swiss media outlet, the parents said: “The longer I thought about it, the more unique the name became for me, and that was when the thing got its charm.”

The couple who wants to stay anonymous had a baby girl and named her Twifia. The boys’ name chosen by the internet provider was Twifus.

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Luckily the T’s & C’s didn’t say that it has to be the child’s first name, so the couple got away with making Twifia their daughter’s middle name.

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