Our 10 top unique baby names and their meanings

Can’t decide on a name for your new bundle of joy? We rounded-up our 10 favourite unique boys and girls baby names.


Do you have too many Jane’s in the family? Don’t want to name your daughter Bella, or be a slave to the latest baby name trends? Here are some unique baby names for both boys and girls to help you pick a name that will suit your unique child.

We picked our 10 favourite boys and girls names from The Name Meaning’s list of top 100 unique baby names for 2016:


  1. Kai (Unbreakable, strong)
  2. Ryker (Powerful leader)
  3. Zackery (The Lord has remembered)
  4. Aryan (That which is beyond anyone’s strength)
  5. Sullivan (Dark eyes)
  6. Sloane (Warrior)
  7. Kenley (From the king’s meadow)
  8. Ignacio (Fire)
  9. Silas (Of the forest)
  10. Vihaan (First ray of sun)


  1. Adeline (Pleasant)
  2. Aurora (Goddess of the dawn)
  3. Aria (Melody, song)
  4. Maisie (Child of light)
  5. Viviana (Alive)
  6. Jada (Knowing)
  7. Inigo (Fiery)
  8. Zuri (White and lovely)
  9. Ulani (Cheerful)
  10. Zariah (Flower)

Designer baby names

If you have your mind set on a truly unique name for your little bundle of joy, and you have the cash to spare, you can pay a professional baby name consultant to come up with the perfect unique name.

Visit www.mynameforlife.com to read more about what services baby name consultants offer.

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