Our 10 favourite Disney-inspired baby names

Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, your little prince or princess will live happily ever after with our pick of Disney-inspired baby names.


Who doesn’t love the classic Disney films? They are magical and timeless. If you’re trying to find the perfect name for your new bundle of joy, why not name him or her after your favourite Disney character.

We rounded up 10 of our favourite Disney-inspired baby names:


Belle. Your little princess is bound to be just as beautiful, confident and outspoken as her namesake from the classic Disney film Beauty and the Beast.

Ella. Just like Cinderella your little girl is sure to have the same beautiful qualities as her namesake.

Merida. Do you think your little girl will be an adventurer just like Princess Merida from Brave? Then this is the perfect name for her.

Elsa. Inspired by the Snow Queen from Frozen, this popular girls name made the list of 500 most popular names in the United States last year.

Kiara. Just like Simba and Nala’s daughter from The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, your daughter can choose her own path too with this beautiful name.


Elliott. Are you ready for a future superhero? Then this is the perfect name for your son. Elliott from Pete’s Dragon is always ready to swoop in and save the day when there’s trouble.

Kristoff. We think this is the coolest name in all of Arendelle. If you’re a Frozen fan naming your son after Kristoff, the rugged mountain man and ice harvester, is the perfect choice.

Sebastian. Your little one is bound to be just be as compassionate as Ariel’s sidekick Sebastian in The Little Mermaid.

Oliver. The only thing more adorable than the orange kitty in Oliver + Company is his even cuter name.

Peter. Your son will stay forever young at heart with this name inspired by Disney’s Peter Pan.

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