Introducing the new Huggies Hugwear for moving babies

Moms, choose your fit!


Having a newborn baby is a magical experience. It’s a time for you to hug, cuddle and watch your little one grow and reach his milestones. With each passing day, you notice something different – a new movement or sound, those 0-3-month-old onesie buttons starting to pop open and sleep time making way for more play time. Before you know it, your baby is moving and wriggling all over the house.

This new stage of movement and activity is an exciting time for both you and your baby. Your little one is more aware and ready for every adventure, including finding all the little hiding places around the house or in the garden. With your little one’s new sense of exploration and adventure comes more movement for them and more running around for you. Studies have shown that babies can cover anywhere between 1 and 7km in a single day.

This amount of movement comes with its own set of challenges, like ensuring that your little mover feels comfortable and happy while exploring. Moms know their little ones the best, which is why Huggies is encouraging you to choose the best fit between Huggies Pants and Huggies Gold.

“Assessing your little one’s nappy during this stage is essential and we at Huggies know that there is no better person to do this than mom. Huggies Pants and Huggies Gold nappies have different and specific fits with their own set of benefits.

We want to encourage mom to try both the Huggies Pants and HuggiesGold nappies and to choose the right fit for her little mover,” says Senior Brand Manager, Morné van Emmenes.

Check out this video of why movement is important for your baby:

What make Huggies Pants and Huggies Gold different?

Huggies Pants are as absorbent as regular open nappies and are uniquely designed to fit like underwear. The all-round soft and stretchy waistband prevents the nappy pants from slipping down and the double leg elastic gently surrounds and hugs your baby’s legs for a secure fit to prevent any leaks.

Huggies Pants gives up to 12 hours of dryness and tailored absorbency. The absorbent zone is more centrally placed for girls, and is higher up for boys. All of these features come together in gender-specific designs to allow for more comfort and effectiveness for precious little boys and girls. And because Huggies knows just how busy your little one is, the best news is that they are easy to put on and take off. The soft breathable outer cover also includes Disney designs of Mickey and Minnie Mouse for a fun twist.

Available in size 3 (7-12 kg), size 4 (9-14 kg), size 5 (12-17 kg) and size 6 (15-25 kg) from all major retailers.

Huggies Pants

Huggies Gold has a stretchy waistband and stretchy fasteners for a comfortable fit. Apart from offering a snug and comfy fit, Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls also has a DryTouch TM liner which is ultra-soft for ultimate skin protection. It draws wetness away from your baby in seconds, distributing the fluid evenly inside the absorbent core. The nappies still provide special tailored absorption, accommodating the differences between boys and girls, with the unique Huggies Gold nappy shape. The soft, breathable designs have pictures of Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse to suit your little boy or girl.

Available in size 3 (6 10 kg), size 4 (8 – 14 kg), size 4+ (12 16 kg) and size 5 (15+ kg) from all major retailers.

Huggies Gold

“Huggies Hugwear for Moving Babies will allow your little explorer to continue discovering the world without any interruptions, providing a quick and convenient solution to nappy changing, giving you both more time to enjoy your precious moments together. So moms, choose your fit and trust Huggies Pants and Huggies Gold to give your baby a hug that’s made for movement,” says Emmenes.

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