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Newborn facts: Nails

13 Surprising and informative facts about your newborn.

Babies’ nails grow very rapidly and need regular attention. If your baby was born after her due date, her nails might be quite long and sharp. Keeping them short helps prevent scratching of the face, which is common in small babies. Scratches to your baby’s face from long, sharp nails fortunately heal very quickly due to the excellent blood supply to her face. The best way of trimming nails is to use a little emery board. A nail clipper is better and safer to use than scissors. If cutting your baby’s nails with scissors or clippers do so when she is asleep – just a few fingers at a time – so as not to disturb her. This avoids the risk of cutting a finger. Some moms chew the nails off, but this could tear your baby’s nail to the quick and is not advisable.

By Sister Lilian

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