Bring comfort and happiness home

Posted on April 15th, 2019 Sponsored by Cuddlers

Babies need a comfy nappy that will support them every inch of the way; from hysterical giggles and gurgles to crawling, and exploring. Cuddlers is here to give them all this support, and more.

Cuddlers - Bring comfort and happiness home

Happiness is in every smile and dance, every kiss and tickle, and every unique moment shared with your little one. Cuddlers wants to spread happiness by keeping South African babies comfy and dry so they can enjoy every moment of childhood.

Cuddlers – high quality, super value

Developed right here in South Africa and boasting 35 years of experience, Cuddlers knows a thing or two about what it takes to raise a happy baby. As The Happy Baby Company, they know that the key to happiness is love and comfort.

That’s why Cuddlers has developed a range of high-quality, super-value nappies, pull-up pants and wipes that give you peace of mind while allowing your baby to explore the world in complete comfort.

Cuddlers Dry Guard and Diamond-embossed Core

Cuddlers Comfort nappies feature Dry Guard™ technology and a diamond-embossed core to provide your baby with long-lasting dryness. The Dry Guard™ technology quickly absorbs moisture, drawing it away from your baby’s skin and locking it in the nappy’s core to safeguard your little one from irritating wetness.

Cuddlers nappies and pants also feature a soothing top sheet of aloe vera and vitamin E to keep your baby’s skin healthy and moisturised while offering excellent protection.

Other features include:

  • Stretchy side panels for a better fit
  • Super absorbent gel core
  • Anti-leak leg elastic
  • Softer outer cover for super comfort.

Cuddlers nappies, pull-up pants, and wipes:

  • The nappies are available to fit from newborn (or 2kg) to 15kg, while the pull-up pants will fit 7 to 25kg.
  • The wipes are enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to protect your baby’s skin while cleaning.

Bring happiness home with the nappy company that makes your baby’s happiness their business. For more information, visit the Cuddlers website.


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