The importance of physical touch for your baby

Touch ensures that your baby feels safe and protected in his new environment. Encouraging touch will also enhance your baby’s emotional and physical development. Try these activities to increase ‘touch time’ with your baby.


A caregiver’s touch is important for babies. Touch ensures that your baby feels safe and protected, and it’s a great way for you to bond with your baby. Touch has also been linked to reduction of stress, lowering of blood pressure and producing feel-good hormones like Oxytocin.
Various studies have shown that touch for babies is as much of a necessity for growth and health as nutrition.

Krayons South Africa recommends these activities to increase ‘touch time’ with your baby:

  • Carry your baby around in a sling or a body carrier at home every now and again while you do your chores. Moving around with you, hearing your voice and feeling your heartbeat will relax your baby and encourage natural bonding.
  • When bathing your baby, gently massage his arms and legs. Use bath time to introduce him to different textures like the facecloth, foam from Krayons Hair and Body wash on his tummy, the Krayons soap bar in his hand and water droplets down his legs.
  • After bath time, lay your baby on the changing mat and gently rub Krayons Baby Acqueous cream all over his body. Remember to talk to your baby, laugh and smile while you rub the cream on.
  • Swaddle and hold your baby before feeding times, or just before you put him down to sleep. This deep touch method has been linked to the feeling your baby had in your womb, and it’s a relaxing and calming sensation.

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