Baby keepsakes every mom wants to hold on to

How many keepsakes have you tucked away to remind you of your early days of motherhood? By Lisa Witepski

You can’t keep them small forever, which is probably why we hold onto the keepsakes that remind us of our very first days with our precious babies.

“I think I found out the truth about the tooth fairy when I opened my mother’s dressing table drawer and found a bunch of tiny milk teeth,” remembers Samantha Oaks, a mom and writer from Johannesburg. Although she found it macabre at the time, and quite revolting, now that she’s a mother herself she completely understands the compulsion to hold on to whatever physical manifestation of your child’s ‘firsts’ you can.

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We asked Living and Loving moms which keepsakes they’ve tucked away to remember those early days by. Here’s what they said:

Firsts are important

“The hospital band, first outfit and first lock of hair, as well as those little preemie sunglasses babies have to wear when they’re under the lamps. I also saved my daughter’s first tap shoes. Do people still bronze those? And I saved the first of each nappy size, along with the date they started wearing that size. It seemed cute at the time, but now they’re full of air and look silly.” – Mara

Important occasions

“I saved her hospital beanie, the footprint taken at the hospital, the clothes she wore when we were discharged from hospital, a blanket her granny knitted and the clothes she wore to her naming ceremony.” – Hansini

Fond reminders

“The sugar paste lamb that I made for my son’s christening cake, which I have had to save from being eaten on a number of occasions! And the last dummy before he gave them up for good, chewed to pieces – the last symbol of his babyhood!” – Alex

Little feet

“A lock of hair, hospital bracelet, baby socks, first outfit, and first pair of sneakers. I think I have a problem!” – Lenore

Bits and pieces

“Birth card with weight, height and footprint, and the remaining tiny scrap of a dudu blankie.” – Sarah

Something a little more personal

“Her first outfit, her umbilical cord, her first outfit, hat and the tiny cardigan I knitted for her.” – Lina

Going way back

“I still have my pregnancy tests! I also kept first artworks sent home from school, some of the toys and books I have vivid memories of using together, first birthday candles and cards.” – Lisa

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