Get your home baby ready

Protect your baby from germs

One of the most important factors in keeping your baby healthy is protecting her from germs. This is particularly important for newborns as they’re not yet fully developed. There are simple and effective ways that you can protect your baby, such as washing your hands regularly and using a hand sanitiser. Your hands continually pick up germs from things you touch, including other people, pets, raw meat and dirty nappies. If you don’t wash your hands, these germs could spread to your baby and make her sick.

Disinfect the nursery

“When your baby first comes home, until her natural immunity has developed, it’s important that everything she comes into contact with is hygienically clean,” says Dr Kgosi Letlape, member of the Global Hygiene Council and Dettol goodwill ambassador.
While a new baby won’t necessarily touch surfaces, it is important to ensure that any surfaces where bottles are prepared are hygienically clean. Using a sanitising wipe or disinfecting spray on these surfaces will help reduce the spread of germs around the home Remember to wash your hands after cleaning and disinfecting, and especially before touching your baby again.

Changing nappies

Before changing a baby’s nappy ensure that the mat is as free from bacteria as possible. Make sure your changing mat is waterproof so it can be regularly cleaned and disinfected. After each nappy change don’t be tempted to use baby wipes to clean the mat. Instead, use an antibacterial wipe to remove any harmful bacteria.

Strategies for visitors

“There are two primary rules you should stick to when people come round to see your new baby,” says Dr Letlape.

  • They must wash their hands thoroughly before touching the baby.
  • Visitors shouldn’t see the baby if they have a cold or other illness/symptoms, or if they could be contagious. Don’t be embarrassed to ask that they wait until next time.


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