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How clean is too clean?

Keeping your baby clean and healthy is one of a mom’s most important goals, but sometimes the quest for cleanliness


How to burp your baby

Burping a baby can be daunting for a first-time mom. Francoise Gallet looks at when to burp your baby and


Sleep and your newborn

Your newborn’s sleep habits may be a total mystery to you. Here’s what you can expect. By Ann Richardson


Kangaroo mother care

Kangaroo mother care gives you the chance to bond with your baby while also sustaining and boosting her development. By


The benefits of swaddling

The age-old ritual of swaddling is a form of therapy your baby can’t do without. Sister Ann Richardson explains why


10 Ways to a content baby

What is a contented baby and what are the benefits if you’re able to achieve this happy state? By Angela


9 Must-know newborn facts

The first few days with your newborn can be both amazing and terrifying. Here’s a guide to what’s normal –


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