Newborn facts: Hiccups

Hiccups in newborn babies occur when there is a spasm of the diaphragm and air is trapped there. If it occurs very regularly it may indicate that your baby needs the tissue salt remedy mag phos, which relieves this spasm. Do give this, especially if your baby possets milk quite forcefully or seems to have colic at certain times of the day. Dissolve one to two tablets in 5 – 10ml slightly cooled (still warm), boiled water and give with a dropper or medicine dummy before each feed or when hiccups do not pass spontaneously within a short while. Feeding your baby sometimes relieves hiccupping too. Moms often notice their babies hiccupping while still in the womb and they should then take mag phos too, as this can prevent spasmodic colic after birth. Hiccups do not indicate any serious problem, except in very rare instances when it is a constant occurrence throughout the day and night.

By Sister Lilian

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