Is your baby gate dangerous? Here’s how to make sure it is safe for your little one.


Baby gates become staples in homes around the world once a baby starts becoming mobile since they help prevent your tot venturing into off-limit off areas of the house, like the kitchen and the staircase. But did you know that your baby gate can be dangerous for your baby?

In the United States, baby gates are responsible for 2 794 injuries each year and accidents range from sprains to brain injuries. Remember, children are curious and will try to find a way around this new deterrent.

Toddler falls | When to be concerned

Don’t let your little one become a statistic. Follow these simple steps to ensure your baby gate is safe:

Make sure that your baby gate is age appropriate 

The recommended guidelines outline the starting age for use of a baby gate to be from six months until 2 years of age and your child shouldn’t be able to reach the latch.

Ensure the baby gate is installed correctly

Follow the instructions provided when you purchase the gate. If the gate is too small for the doorway, don’t make quick DIY alterations – rather get professional assistance or return the gate for a more appropriate one.

Location is key for installation

It is extremely dangerous to install a baby gate at the top of a staircase. Should a child manage to get past the baby gate, she can seriously injure herself from falling down the stairs.

Height and weight matters

Always keep an eye on your child’s weight and height – he shouldn’t be able to push the baby gate over or climb over it. Ensure that your little one can’t use the gaps in the gate and leverage to climb over it.


As much as a baby gate is installed to protect wandering children, nothing protects your little one like constant supervision.

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