6 baby bathtub reviews to help you choose the right one

Posted on Jan 24th, 2018

Any mom will tell you, a baby bathtub is an essential item on your baby registry. Mommy blogger Nikita Camacho rounds up her favourite choices.

Baby bathtub reviews

Bathing your newborn baby is a daunting task – you’re unsure how to wash her and how to hold her. Ask me, I know. I was scared to bath my baby Adriana in the beginning.

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Advantages of having a baby bathtub

  • You use very little water.
  • You can use a baby bathtub in any room, which is handy in winter as you’re able to bath your baby in a warm room.
  • It can be used anywhere – take it along to granny’s house or on holiday.
  • It creates close intimacy between you and your baby when bathing her.
  • If you had a C-section, it means that you don’t have to bend over a bathtub, which is a strict no-no for six weeks.

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Choosing the right bathtub

  • Choose a bathtub that fits your needs.
  • Think about the longevity of the baby bathtub. Are you planning on having more babies in the future?
  • Would you prefer a tub with a bath seat or soap dish?
  • Think about how you will be filling the tub. Will you be able to carry the bathtub when you’re home alone?
  • Don’t forget about emptying the bathtub, is there an easy plug?
  • Is a foldable bath more suitable for you? Do you have the space for storage?

How to use a baby bathtub safely

  • A baby can never be left unattended. Babies can easily slip under the water and drown within minutes without splashing or making any noise.
  • Remember a baby bath seat in a tub is not a safety device. Nothing substitutes parental supervision.
  • Prepare your baby’s bathing area before placing your baby in the tub.
  • Ensure all toiletries and the bath towel are within reach.
  • Rather opt for toiletries that have a pump action head as opposed to a traditional cap so you can always keep one hand on your baby.
  • Always check the water’s temperature. About 37°C is just right.

Baby bathtubs on the market

Budget buys

Addis bathing set, R199

Available at Baby Boom
A simple, basic baby bath set that includes a baby bath seat and a potty.

 Addis bathing set

Snuggletime bathtub, from R419

Available at Baby City
This tub has an integrated baby bath seat and a soap dish, making it easier to bath your little one.

Snuggletime Bath Tub

Chelino foldable bath, R449  

Available from takealot.com.
This tub is ergonomic and collapses into a flat board. It can be stored flat in a cupboard and hung in the shower to dry too.

Chelino foldable bath

Splurge tubs

Stokke Flexi Bath, from R790

Available from Kids Emporium.
When we had Adriana, we were tight with storage space in our home, so a foldable baby bathtub was the way to go. I wasn’t aware of any other foldable bathtubs on the market at the time, so the Stokke Flexi Bath was the one we went with. It’s easy to store and take with on holiday. It was a bit of a splurge, but a family member gifted it to us.

This bathtub can be used up until your little one is four years old and has a plug and a non-slip base.

Stokke flexi bath

Aqua Scale baby tub, R1 200

Available online at Aqua Scale.
This baby bathtub has an integrated scale and thermometer. The tub grows with your child as the newborn insert can be removed.

Aqua scale baby tub


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