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6 must-have items if you’re having twins

Pregnant with twins? These items will make life a lot easier…


Often when parents find out they’re expecting twins, they go on a shopping frenzy – buying double of pretty much everything they think a baby might need. Save yourself a fortune and read this handy advice.

Apart from all the usual items like a nappy bag, clothes and blankets, these items are life savers when you have to care for two babies.

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Sleep sacks

Invest in a summer and winter sleep sack for your babies (go easy on the receiving blankets). These are really handy when they sleep because they can’t wriggle or kick themselves open while they sleep.

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Bouncy chair or swing

These are a life saver when you have one screaming baby, or when you need to do something and have no one else at home to help you. The simple bouncers are rather plain, but the more expensive brands play music and have some hanging toys on them to keep your little ones entertained.

Twin pram

A solid pram that’s multifunctional will be good value for money. However, when buying a pram there’s a lot to take into consideration. Don’t rush the purchase – think of your lifestyle and what you do most. If you’re not sporty, don’t buy a jogger. We don’t live in Europe so, you don’t need a rain cover either. Also take into consideration when you’re most likely to use your pram – going to the mall, maybe to friends’ house or the park for a stroll.

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You’re going to need a lot of these if you’re not able to breastfeed or choose not to. Don’t be tempted to buy those bulk starter packs. Your babies might not like the same teat. Wait until they’re born and buy one bottle brand and test it before you buy any more. If your babies don’t like it, try another brand. A handy tip is to get each twin a different colour bottle. In this way you won’t get confused during one of your midnight feeds. This is especially important if one baby is on medication and the other is not.

Twin feeding pillow

For moms who are going to breastfeed, a feeding pillow that can support both babies at the same time is a good investment.

Double electric breast pump

An electric pump will do all the work for you in half the time a manual would. They’re a little pricey, but well worth the investment.

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