6 crazy baby names that have been banned in certain parts of the world

Check out these crazy baby names that have been banned in some parts of the world. We think you might agree with those decisions.


Just when you think you’ve heard it all, you’re reminded that there are some crazy people on this earth. If you think Hollywood has reserved the strangest baby names for their kids, think again. We compiled a list of six crazy baby names that have been banned in certain parts of the world. Both society and the child who was meant to get that name most likely gave a collective sigh of relief.

1. Blank Space

An Australian couple really wanted to name their baby Blank Space. Luckily for the poor child, authorities deemed it an inappropriate name.

2. Circumcision

Who would want to name their child after a medical procedure? Apparently it’s a popular name choice as it has been banned in both Australia and Mexico.

3. #ROFL

This must have been an Instragram-obsessed couple’s choice. Firstly, why would you want a hashtag in your baby’s name? And secondly, why would anyone call their child Rolling on the Floor Laughing? This ‘modern’ name has been banned in Australia along with LOL, iMac, Jesus Christ and Marijuana. We wonder if these parents perhaps lost a bet, or if they actually thought that it was a good name for their baby.

4. Apple

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow got away with naming her daughter this, but, Malaysian law prohibits parents from naming their children after fruit, vegetables and animals.

5. All names starting with “C” like Christina

In Iceland you can’t name your child anything that starts with the letter “C” because it’s not part of the country’s alphabet.

6. Sex Fruit

Yes well, this is just being lazy, or high. We’d probably go with high. This name has been banned in New Zealand.

If you live in South Africa, you are free to name your child anything you want as the country doesn’t have a banned baby names list.

But, before you do name your little one anything too out of the ordinary, read this first: 8 tips to help you choose the perfect baby name.

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