6 baby name trends to consider before choosing a baby name


Choosing a name for your baby is no easy task. We rounded-up the latest baby name trends to give you some inspiration.

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Tiny deities

Some parents are out and proud about their ambitions for their children. It’s doubtful Thor will ever sit quietly in a corner, although Pandora might have a lot to answer for. Either way, people are drawing on mythology for inspiration.

Literary names

Some parents are turning to the bookshelf for inspiration, naming their children either after established authors (Harper and Wilde, for instance), or beloved characters.

Aspirational names

We have a Kardashian to blame for this trend, spotted by Brit.co. This time, it’s Rob, who called his child Dream. You might find her hanging out in the playground with Pax, Justice and Truth.

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Preppy names

These are the names of young men walking around an Ivy League campus, their beige tennis sweaters knotted casually around their necks. Think Winston, Campbell and McKenzie, for instance. Yes, they do sound a lot like surnames.

Old-fashioned names

This trend accounts for why you may feel like a lot of the kids you know stepped out of an Enid Blyton book. Meet Sophie, Violet, Rupert and Harriet.

Exotic names

Even if you’re not of Mediterranean extraction, your kids might sound like they are. Kidspot.com.au points to Mateo and Catalina as names that are appearing more frequently.

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