5 things you should never say to a new mom. EVER.

Posted on January 13th, 2017

A new mom has a lot to learn and this can be overwhelming. So here a few things you should never say to a new mom.

Things you should never say to a new mom

Being a new mother is possibly one of the best things in the world, but it is also one of the most difficult. Here are things you should never say to a new mom.

1.I’m also tired because I stayed up late binge watching Game of Thrones.

Until you have a newborn of your own, you really don’t know what tired is.

2. I have a new puppy, so I know what you’re going through.

 A puppy is nothing like a newborn, so don’t even go there.

3.You look very tired.

Thanks for that keen observation. I probably do look tired because I only slept for an hour.

4.You still look pregnant/when are you going to lose all that baby weight?

You’re really not being helpful. I’m learning how to handle a newborn at the moment, so I have enough on my plate. Also, my uterus still needs time to deflate. So there’s that too.

things you should never say to a new mom

5. Breastfeeding is really important. You are breastfeeding aren’t you?

Some mother’s breastfeed, and others don’t. Now is not the time to jump on a moral bandwagon.


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