5 ground rules new parents should set when taking baby home

It’s finally time to take your new baby home, but it’s important to keep these ground rules in mind for visitors during the first few weeks. By Profmed


The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here − you’re taking your newborn home for the first time. But what now? How do you handle the eager visitors who want to meet your precious little bundle?

It’s quite understandable that close friends and family would want to meet your new addition to the family as soon as possible, but it’s important they understand this is all new for you and your partner. If you lay down some basic rules and boundaries, first meetings can be filled with delight rather than anxiety.

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Here are a few ground rules you can set for those visiting your little bean in the first few weeks:

Create “visiting” hours

By setting out certain days and times for visitors, you can control the crowds. Without sounding like a tyrant, request friends and family to adhere to these set times. Setting out visiting hours will also help you prepare for guests (not that you should cater for anyone), but it will allow you to plan your day.

Wash up

Ask all visitors to wash their hands before coming close to your baby. Keep a big bottle of hand sanitizer in the living room or close to where the visitors will be so everyone has access to it when they arrive. This will prevent the spread of germs and hopefully prevent your little one from falling ill.

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Say yes to help

When someone comes over and offers to cook a meal, wash the dishes or run to the shop, accept the help.

Don’t cater for guests

Friends and family will most likely bring something along and if they don’t, a cup of coffee will be more than they expect. They are there to meet your baby and support you, not to be entertained.

Don’t be afraid to say “no”

If you don’t feel up to visitors, don’t be afraid to cancel or to say no. Everyone who’s had a baby will understand. If cancelling with a friend is what will keep you and baby happy, don’t feel guilty!

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