6 tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy

We’re well-informed on how to care for our own skin, but looking after your baby’s skin is just as important. Here’s how.

“When our children enter this world, we are armed with equipment that took much care and consideration to select. The same care and consideration needs to be taken for your child’s skincare products,” says Su-Marie Annandale, Krayons’ brand manager.

After bringing your little one home from the hospital, and even as she grows, Su-Marie suggests these four tips to keep your baby’s skin healthy:

  1. Although babies love playing in the bath and splashing about – limit the time they spend in the bath. This can prevent their skin from drying out. Make every second or third day “fun” bath time, and the others can be short washes.
  2. After bath time, keep your little one’s skin well moisturised. Use a baby lotion after every wash and gently massage your baby. This will give your little one’s skin all it needs to stay moisturised throughout the day.

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  1. Use a gentle, baby-friendly fabric conditioner to wash your little one’s clothes. This will ensure that your baby’s clothes are soft and won’t cause any skin irritations.
  2. The weather outside dictates how your baby should be dressed to keep her comfortable and to protect her skin, but no matter if it’s hot or cold, your baby needs to be protected from the sun. Your baby’s skin is too sensitive to be exposed to harsh UV rays, so ensure she’s kept covered. Always use a sunscreen when venturing outdoors with your baby.
  3. Avoid dressing your baby in tight-fitted clothing or items with scratchy materials such as lace or even certain types of wool and cashmere. Soft cottons are ideal for babies.
  4. Once you’ve changed your baby’s diaper, don’t be too quick to put the next one on. Just a few minutes of fresh air is a good way to prevent diaper rash. You’ll also need to regularly apply a good barrier cream to the area to avoid chaffing.

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