3 games you can play with your newborn

These games are great for connecting and bonding with your newborn in the early days.

3 games you can play with your newborn

In the first three months or so, it seems like all your newborn does is sleep, cry, feed, and have her nappy changed. So how can you connect with your baby and have fun?

Kate Bailey, occupational therapist and Pampers Institute expert, says, “Babies are absorbing information through their senses right from birth. So use your loving touch, soothing voice, mutual gaze and sensitive handling to engage your baby’s sense of touch, sight, hearing and movement.

“By the end of these first three months, babies gain better head control, can follow you with their eyes and may reach out and try to grab things. They begin to actively explore through their senses and will be fascinated by sounds, sights and touch.”

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Kate suggests the following games to enhance bonding and your baby’s development:

You are your baby’s favourite toy

Face-to-face time is a great way to develop your baby’s vision. As babies learn to focus, they become interested in faces. It is important to gaze lovingly into your baby’s face while feeding her. Over time your baby will begin to recognise you, make eye contact and follow you with her eyes. When your baby is looking at you, smile, pull funny faces, and try sticking out your tongue to see if she mimics you.

Pedalling feet

The pedalling feet game is a great way to give your baby a sense of her body and movement. During nappy changing, gently hold her feet and pedal them slowly. This also helps with digestion and to make your baby feel more comfortable.

Baby boop

Baby boop is another fun game to play while changing your baby’s nappy. Touch your baby’s body in different places, making the sound “boop” when you do this. Your baby may smile each time you touch her and begin to anticipate the next touch by watching your hand. This game will help your baby to follow with her eyes, smile at the sound and enjoy your loving touch. Having fun together is a great way to bond.

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