10 trending celebrity-inspired baby names for both girls and boys

Looking for some baby name ideas? Here are our 10 favourite celebrity-inspired names for both boys and girls. Compiled by Lijeng Ranooe


There are so many choices when it comes to choosing a baby name. Family and friends might want to pitch in and give suggestions, while you and your partner might have very different ideas. Your baby’s name is a crucial part of their identity, and the most important thing is that you love it. If you are in need of some ideas, take some inspiration from these celebrity-inspired baby names.


Celebrity inspiration: Dakota Fanning

Meaning: Friend; ally.

Origin: Native American

Did you know? Dakota is actually the actress’s second name. Her first name is Hannah.


Celebrity inspiration: Marcia Cross’s daughter.

Meaning: Delight

Origin: Hebrew

Did you know? Eden has a twin sister, Savannah, whose name came to Marcia in a premonition.


Celebrity inspiration: Sharon Stone’s son

Meaning: Wise

Origin: Irish

Did you know? Actress Sharon has three adopted sons, Quinn, Laird and Roan.


Celebrity inspiration: Brooke Shields’s daughter

Meaning: Little red one; tree with red berries

Origin: Irish

Did you know? Brooke wrote a book about her postpartum depression after having Rowan, Called Down Came the Rain.


Celebrity inspiration: Taylor Swift

Meaning: Tailor

Origin: English

Did you know? Apparently, Taylor was named after singer and songwriter James Taylor.


Celebrity inspiration: Toni Collette’s Son

Meaning: Fortified hill

Origin: English

Did you know? Arlo was also the choice of name by Jackass creator Johnny Knoxville, this time for his daughter.


Celebrity inspiration: Blake Lively

Meaning: Light or dark

Origin: English and Scottish

Did you know? As proof of this name’s appeal for both girls and boys, actress Blake was named after her grandmother’s brother.


Celebrity inspiration: Jude Law

Meaning: The praised one

Origin: Hebrew

Did you know? Actor Jude’s name comes from The Beatles’ song, Hey Jude.


Celebrity inspiration: David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter

Meaning: Harpist; minstrel (singer)

Origin: English

Did you know? Victoria’s favourite book is To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Harper Lee.


Celebrity inspiration: Maxwell

Meaning: Great stream

Origin: Scottish

Did you know? The singer’s full name is Gerald Maxwell Rivera.

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