10 things to do before your baby turns one

Mommy blogger Nikita Camacho says you should savour these 10 important moments before your baby’s first birthday.

Becoming a mother is a wonderful time in your life. However, as mothers we often forget to actually savour the moment and take it all in. Instead, we’ worry about the next feed, nap time, chores, work and everything in between. Before you know it, your baby is hitting milestone after milestone and all of a sudden it’s his first birthday.

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Hit the brakes a little mommy and savour these things before your baby turns into a toddler.

The baby smell

All moms wish that they could bottle that baby smell – the gentle smell of baby freshness as you snuggle your little one. Enjoy it, it doesn’t last long.

Bathing with your little one

Have fun in the bath with your baby. Get some bath toys and baby bubble bath, and enjoy splashing around a bit. Most babies enjoy bath time, so use it as a bonding experience.

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Pulling funny faces

Your baby is fascinated by faces and his own reflection. Play around in front of the mirror and pull the silliest of faces – your little one will be in awe.

Dressing your baby like a baby

As cute as little jeans may look, a pair of jeans is a look that there’s plenty of time for. Opt for cute onesies as long as possible – before you know it, he’ll outgrow them and you’ll miss this cute and cozy look.

Letting him sleep in your arms

These are precious precious moments, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time, and is the perfect time to get your fill of that baby smell. Savour it, because your baby will soon be too bis and heavy to sleep in your arms.

Making a baby book

Have a record book for your baby. As the months go by, it’s easy to forget dates and milestones in between the sleepless nights. Jot it down in a baby book or find an online equivalent. It’s a good keepsake.

Take as many videos as you can

Moms are always snapping away pics of their babies, but take videos too! They captures a little more – like how your baby’s eyes crinkle as the smile or the joyous sound of his laughter.

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Playing on the floor

Play with your baby on the floor. See it as you bringing yourself down to your baby’s level – he’ll love sharing his perspective on the world.

Spending time outdoors

Show your baby the flowers, the trees, he’ll be fascinated by all the colours, smells and creatures and it will foster a love for being outside.

Seeing the world through your babys eyes

As adults, we may be jaded about things around us, so see the world through fresh eyes with your baby in tow. Laugh more, be curious and love easily.

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